DELTACO Wireless Keyboard with touchpad, silicone, IP65, 2,4 GHz,black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/TB-503.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/TB-503-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/TB-503-02.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/TB-503-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/TB-503-zzz.png"}]}TB-5035637293091ådlösa/normalstora/TB-50311/11/2011 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Wireless Keyboard with touchpad, silicone, IP65, 2,4 GHz, 107 keys + 18 functional keys, black</P> <P>DELTACOS wireless keyboard with touchpad is perfect for work. Because its IP65, its dustproof and spillproof. </P> <P>• Protection level: IP65<BR>• Keystroke lifespan: 2 million<BR>• Communication: Mini USB receiver <BR>• Key layout: 107 keys + 18 functional keys<BR>• Working distance up to 10 meters (30 feet)<BR>• 2.4 GHz digital radio frequency technology<BR>• Language: All the languages compatible with Windows<BR>• Automatic synchronization between keyboard and receiver<BR>• Compatibility: Microsoft Windows7/8/10 Vista/XP/2000/ME/98<BR>• A specially designed wireless keyboard with touchpad for Topbox, rigid and rugged, waterproof and washable, made of silicone</P> <P>Dimensions (WxDxH): 418x133x16 mm</P> <P>Weight: 796g</P> <P>Package content: Wireless Keyboard with touchpad, mini USB receiver, 2x AAA battery</P></BODY>5 years5637293091
DELTACO trådlöst tangentbord, nordisk layout, USB, 10m, svart{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-01.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-02.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-zzz.jpg"}]}TB-1225637158068ådlösa/normalstora/TB-12211/11/2011 9:11:11 AMDELTACO trådlöst tangentbord, nordisk layout, USB, nano-mottagare, 10m räckvidd, svart<br/><br/>Trådlöst tangentbord med numeriskta tangenter. Koppla endast in USB-mottagaren i datorn så paras tangentbordet automatiskt.<br /><br />• Upp till 10m räckvidd<br />• Kommunicerar över 2,4GHz-bandet<br />• Drivs på två AAA-batterier (ingår ej)<br /><br />Förpackingen innehåller: Tangentbord, USB nano-mottagare<br /><br />Mått (BxDxH): 445x138x29 mm<br />Vikt: 430g (med batterier)<br /><br />DELTACO trådlöst tangentbord, nordisk layout, USB, 10m, svart5 years5637158068
Like TB-122 but in LT+RUS layout{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-ag.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-ag-01.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-ag-02.jpg"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/tb-122-ag-zzz.jpg"}]}TB-122-AG5637162471ådlösa/normalstora/TB-122-AG8/16/2015 10:34:48 AMDELTACO trådløst tastatur, Litauisk layout, USB, 10m, sort<br/><br/>Trådløst tastatur med numeriske taster. Tilslut kun USB-modtageren i PC'en så parres tastaturet automatisk.<br /><br /> - Op til 10m rækkevidde<br />- Kommunikerer over 2,4GHz-båndet<br />- Køres på to AAA- batterier (medfølger ikke)<br /><br />Mål(BxDxH): 445x138x29mm<br />Vægt: 430g (med batterier) <br /><br /> Indeholder: Tastaturet, USB nano- modtager5 years5637162471

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