DELTACO headset, utanpåliggande, 32 Ohm, 2,5 m kabel, svart{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-zzz.png"}]}HL-435637152454 9:11:11 AM <BODY>DELTACO headset, utanpåliggande, volymkontroll på kabeln, 2x3,5mm, 2,5m kabel, svart<BR><BR><BR>• Justerbara öronkåpor. <BR>• Böjbar justerbar mikrofonarm.<BR>• 32 Ohm</BODY>5 years5637152454
DELTACO Stereo Headset, microphone and volume control, 2x 3,5mm, black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-zzz.png"}]}HL-25637152363 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Stereo Headset, med mikrofon, volymkontroll på kabeln, 2m kabel, 2x3,5mm, svart</P> <P>Lätt och smidigt headset med böjbar mikrofonarm som lätt vrids ur vägen när den inte används.</P> <P>• Elementstorlek: 30mm<BR>• Känslighet element: 108 dB<BR>• Frekvensomfång element: 20Hz-20kHz<BR>• Impedans: 32 ohm<BR>• Volymkontroll på kabeln<BR>• Kontakt: 3,5mm minitele<BR>• Justerbar huvudbygel<BR>• Vrid- och böjbar mikrofonarm</P> <P>Vikt: ca. 80g</P></BODY>5 years5637152363
DELTACO Business USB headset, remote, noise canceling mic, UC{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-zzz.png"}]}HL-715637302858 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Business USB headset, 28mm driver, 20Hz - 20kHz, 1.8m USB cable, black</P> <P>With DELTACO Business USB headset your callcenter with always speak clearly in their microphones. On the 1.8m long USB cable you have a remote control with four buttons; answer button, +/- volume and one button for muting your microphone.</P> <P>This lightweight business headset comes with 28mm drivers, a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz and an adjustable boom microphone on your right side. With support for UC (Unified Communications), Skype for business and Microsoft Lync, this headset has all the tools you need.</P> <P>• Remote buttons: Call/Answer, Volume ±, mute/unmute<BR>• Microphone:<BR>  Sensitivity: -36 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 100Hz - 800Hz<BR>  Reduces background noise by 14dB maximum<BR>• Headset:<BR>  Driver: 28mm<BR>  Sensitivity: 90 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• 1.8m USB cable<BR>• Powered by USB, 5V 1A</P> <P>Package contents: DELTACO Business USB headset</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 170 x 60 x 170mm<BR>Product weight: 135g</P></BODY>5 years5637302858
DELTACO Stereo Headset, volume and microphone on cable, 2x3,5mm, black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-zzz.png"}]}HL-325637152451 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO on-ear headset, 2x 3.5mm connector, 40mm drivers, 2m braided cable, black</P> <P>Stereo headset with speaker drivers that produce clear sound and a hint of bass. The microphone is attached to the two meter long braided cable. The headset is connected to your computer 3.5mm connectors.</P> <P>• Volume control and mic on/off switch on cable<BR>• 2m braided cable<BR>• Frequency range headphones: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• 40mm drivers<BR>• SPL: 96dB ±3dB<BR>• 2x 3.5mm plugs<BR>• Impedance headphones: 32Ω<BR>• Impedance microphone: 2.2kΩ<BR>• Frequency range microphone: 16Hz - 16kHz</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 140x40x170 - 195mm<BR>Weight: 151g</P></BODY>5 years5637152451

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