DELTACO headset med mikrofon och volymkontroll 2m kabel, svart{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-7.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-7-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-7-02.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-7-zzz.png"}]}HL-75637152464 9:11:11 AMDELTACO headset, <b>volymkontroll på kabeln</b>, 2x3,5mm, 2m kabel, vit<br/><br/>Bekvämt headset med böjbar mikrofonarm som kan vridas ur vägen när den inte används.<br /><br />• Volymkontroll på kabeln.<br />• Justerbar huvudbygel.<br />• Vrid och böjbar mikrofonarm.5 years5637152464
DELTACO headset, utanpåliggande, 32 Ohm, 2,5 m kabel, svart{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-43-zzz.png"}]}HL-435637152454 9:11:11 AM <BODY>DELTACO headset, utanpåliggande, volymkontroll på kabeln, 2x3,5mm, 2,5m kabel, svart<BR><BR><BR>• Justerbara öronkåpor. <BR>• Böjbar justerbar mikrofonarm.<BR>• 32 Ohm</BODY>5 years5637152454
DELTACO Stereo Headset, microphone and volume control, 2x 3,5mm, black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-2-zzz.png"}]}HL-25637152363 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Stereo Headset, med mikrofon, volymkontroll på kabeln, 2m kabel, 2x3,5mm, svart</P> <P>Lätt och smidigt headset med böjbar mikrofonarm som lätt vrids ur vägen när den inte används.</P> <P>• Elementstorlek: 30mm<BR>• Känslighet element: 108 dB<BR>• Frekvensomfång element: 20Hz-20kHz<BR>• Impedans: 32 ohm<BR>• Volymkontroll på kabeln<BR>• Kontakt: 3,5mm minitele<BR>• Justerbar huvudbygel<BR>• Vrid- och böjbar mikrofonarm</P> <P>Vikt: ca. 80g</P></BODY>5 years5637152363
DELTACO Stereo Headset, around ear, volume control, 2x 3,5mm, black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-56.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-56-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-56-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-56-zzz.png"}]}HL-565637152460 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Stereo Headset, closed back, around ear, volume control on cable, 2x 3.5mm, 2m cable, black</P> <P>Comfortable headset with large earcups. The volume can be adjusted with the slider on the cable. The microphone is adjustable so that you can turn it away when not in use.</P> <P>• Element size: 40mm<BR>• Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• Impedance: 32 ohms<BR>• SPL: 100dB<BR>• Frequency range microphone: 100 Hz – 10 kHz<BR>• Impedance microphone: 2.2k ohm<BR>• Cable length: 2 meters<BR>• Volume control on the cable<BR>• Soft earpads<BR>• Adjustable padded headband<BR>• Swivel and bendable microphone arm</P> <P>Product weight: 200g<BR></P></BODY>5 years5637152460
DELTACO headset med mikrofon och volymkontroll 2m kabel, svart{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-9.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-9-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-9-02.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-9-zzz.png"}]}HL-95637152470 9:11:11 AMDELTACO headset med mikrofon, volymkontroll på kabeln, 2x3,5mm, 2m kabel, svart<br/><br/>Bekvämt headset med rejäla kåpor som isolerar bort störande ljud från omgivningen. Mikrofonen kan vridas så att den inte är i vägen när den inte används.<br /><br />• Volymkontroll på kabeln.<br />• Mjukt vadderade kåpor.<br />• Justerbar vadderad huvudbygel.<br />• Vridbar mikrofon<br />• Impedans hörlur: 32 Ohm5 years5637152470
DELTACO Business USB headset, remote, noise canceling mic, UC{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/HL-71-zzz.png"}]}HL-715637302858 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO Business USB headset, 28mm driver, 20Hz - 20kHz, 1.8m USB cable, black</P> <P>With DELTACO Business USB headset your callcenter with always speak clearly in their microphones. On the 1.8m long USB cable you have a remote control with four buttons; answer button, +/- volume and one button for muting your microphone.</P> <P>This lightweight business headset comes with 28mm drivers, a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz and an adjustable boom microphone on your right side. With support for UC (Unified Communications), Skype for business and Microsoft Lync, this headset has all the tools you need.</P> <P>• Remote buttons: Call/Answer, Volume ±, mute/unmute<BR>• Microphone:<BR>  Sensitivity: -36 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 100Hz - 800Hz<BR>  Reduces background noise by 14dB maximum<BR>• Headset:<BR>  Driver: 28mm<BR>  Sensitivity: 90 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• 1.8m USB cable<BR>• Powered by USB, 5V 1A</P> <P>Package contents: DELTACO Business USB headset</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 170 x 60 x 170mm<BR>Product weight: 135g</P></BODY>5 years5637302858
DELTACO Stereo Headset, volume and microphone on cable, 2x3,5mm, black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-01.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-yyy.png"},{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/hl-32-zzz.png"}]}HL-325637152451 9:11:11 AM <BODY><P>DELTACO on-ear headset, 2x 3.5mm connector, 40mm drivers, 2m braided cable, black</P> <P>Stereo headset with speaker drivers that produce clear sound and a hint of bass. The microphone is attached to the two meter long braided cable. The headset is connected to your computer 3.5mm connectors.</P> <P>• Volume control and mic on/off switch on cable<BR>• 2m braided cable<BR>• Frequency range headphones: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• 40mm drivers<BR>• SPL: 96dB ±3dB<BR>• 2x 3.5mm plugs<BR>• Impedance headphones: 32Ω<BR>• Impedance microphone: 2.2kΩ<BR>• Frequency range microphone: 16Hz - 16kHz</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 140x40x170 - 195mm<BR>Weight: 151g</P></BODY>5 years5637152451