DELTACO Warranty Terms

Deltaco guarantees that all goods are manufactured in accordance with current European safety regulations and quality standards that apply to the goods.

According to the Consumer Sales Act, the period to make a claim for a product is 3 years. In order to invoke the claim, it is you as a customer who must prove that the defect on the product existed at the time of purchase. This should be done within a reasonable amount of time (at most 2 months) after you have noticed or should have noticed the error.
Many of our goods are marketed with a voluntarily extended warranty to demonstrate the high quality they possess. In cases where a special guarantee symbol is missing, statutory right of claim is still applicable.

Our extended warranty means that Deltaco at its own expense through replacement or repair will remedy the fault or defect. The buyer will bear the additional costs of remedying errors arising in the event that the goods are located elsewhere than the markets in which Deltaco operates.

In order for the extended warranty and the right of claim to be valid, you need to be able to prove that the product is from Deltaco through retained markings and labels. In cases where there is a time limit, you must also be able to prove when you bought the goods with a transaction receipt from one of our registered retailers.

Products with lifetime warranty
The extended warranty means that Deltaco is responsible during its lifetime for the faults and defects that arise and that the product at the time of purchase is free from defects in its construction, materials or manufacturing (so-called manufacturing defects).

Products with a 5 year warranty
The extended warranty means that Deltaco is responsible for the faults and deficiencies that arise and that the product at the time of purchase is free from defects in design, material or manufacturing (so-called manufacturing defects) for 5 years from the customer's time of purchase.

Consumable goods
Our extended warranties do not cover consumables such as batteries and products with built-in batteries that are non-replaceable.
When the warranty does not apply

Our extended warranties do not include defects caused by normal wear and tear, damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, fire, contact with liquids or other external causes, damage due to failure to comply with the instruction manual, damage caused by use in combination with another product, impaired function as a result of updating external software, damage caused by maintenance performed by someone who has not been approved by us, if the product has been rebuilt or has been changed or has been subjected to electrical surges from, for example, thunderstorms.

Examples of normal wear and tear are worn moving parts and surfaces through regular use and natural bleaching of colors and materials due to the normal aging of the product.

Loss of data
Deltaco is not responsible for any loss of data in any form, regardless of whether the loss was caused by a Deltaco item sold. It is always the responsibility of the user to keep their data (images, documents and the like) and their software installation (the operating system’s function in relation to the installed software) backed up.