About the company

SweDeltaco AB was from the beginning a trading company that was founded in Ludvika Sweden 1991. The business started in 1992 with the idea of importing cables from Taiwan and sell them to companies on the Swedish market. At the start it was a limited business that quickly grew and included more products.

1993 Deltaco moved to a new location in Segeltorp in the southern parts of Stockholm where the business kept growing and expanded with even more products and brands.

1994 It was once more time to change location, this time the company moved to Västberga also south of Stockholm to get a bigger warehouse and better distribution due to the increasing growth of the assortment. Close co operation with bigger brands and suppliers kept growing to gain an ever bigger width and strength in the customer offers. The Deltaco logo, that was on all the bags for our cables made the Brand gain ever more reputation on the market, both amongst companies and consumers.

1997 Deltaco was acquired by the IT concern TurnIT AB (publ) where the Deltaco concern became a major part of the entire organization and a strong pillar for TurnIT Supplies.

1999 Deltaco expanded once again abroad and started an office and warehouse in Denmark. The purpose was to get closer to the Danish market and to gain further ground in the Scandinavian market.


Deltaco moved to a bigger facility in Bredäng south of Stockholm, this was more than necessary due to the fact that Deltaco had outgrown the facility in Västberga serveral times over.

2005 Novom AB (publ) bought TurnIT where the Deltaco concern was a part of the deal.

2007 Deltaco launched its own brand DELTACO, where serveral products were designed, produced and developed for the DELTACO brand during the year.

2008 Deltaco moved once more to the current 8000 square kilometer warehouse in Tullinge south of Stockholm.

2011 Deltaco was divided from Intoi and was listed as an independent company at First North. Establishment of Deltaco in Norway stared.