The Brand

​​​​​ ​​​​DELTACO was first launched 2007 in the nordics by SweDeltaco AB and its subsidiaries. At first it was well known products that was already in assortment and had been sold over serveral years, but was now packaged in uniform packages. These products are still in assortment together with new assortments that sees daylight each year. The latest addition is our DELTACO GAMING brand that was launched 10 years after DELTACO first entered the market. Our packages has a low impact on the environment and is uniformly developed for different categories and to fit different types of markets. As an example our products related to smartphones and tablets has a unique design to fit in with the more modern society DELTACO products have either 5 year warranty or a lifetime warranty for all who purchase the products, regardless if you are a consumer or a business We also have free of charge customer support for all of our DELTACO products, which makes stores feel safe with the fact that we handle all support and handling of broken products in direct contact with the consumers