Creality 3D Glass Plate 310x320mm{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/CR-GLASSPLATE.png"}]}CR-GLASSPLATE5637470826örbrukning/skrivare/CR-GLASSPLATE12/28/2022 2:33:03 PM <BODY><P>Creality 3D Glass Plate 310x320mm</P> <P>Glass Plate that fits Creality Ender 3 Max, CR-10 V2, CR-X and CR-10S Pro/Pro V2.</P> <P>310 x 320 mm.</P></BODY>None5637470826
Osram Automotive OSRAM ORIGINAL P21/4W, 12V, 2-stk. pærer{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151979.png"}]}1519795637485197övriga/15197912/28/2022 2:18:59 PM <BODY><P>Osram Night Breaker Silver H1, Halogen Headlight Bulb</P> <P>With Night Breaker Silver, Osram offers a high-performance halogen lamp with optimized vehicle life Osram Night Breaker Silver provides up to 100% more light compared to the smallest legal standard and has a light bar up to 130 meters long. It allows you to detect road signs, obstacles and dangers at the coming and get longer time to react. The ideal choice for drivers with high demands on performance and longevity.</P></BODY>None5637485197
Osram Automotive H1 Night Breaker Laser 55W 12V P14.5S Hcb2Box{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151987.png"}]}1519875637485181övriga/15198712/28/2022 2:18:25 PM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>Osram Automotive Night Breaker Laser H1 </P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P>Thanks to an innovative laser ablation technology, NIGHT BREAKER LASER halogen headlight bulbs shine up to 150% brighter compared to the minimum statutory standard. A specially manufactured filament ensures an extra strong light flow. Therefore, the light cone is up to 150 meters long and up to 20% whiter compared to the minimum statutory standard. More light and improved visibility help drivers detect and react to road hazards more quickly.</P></SPAN></BODY>None5637485181
Osram Automotive H7 55W 12V PX26D BLI1{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151982.png"}]}1519825637485176övriga/15198212/28/2022 2:17:54 PM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>H7 Osram Classic 64210CLC H7 </P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Osram lamps convince with brightness and provide maximum safety to the road. With high brightness and more visibility and visibility, driving comfort increases even during long night rides. H7 Osram car lights are high-quality products that convince with long service life. Latest halogen vehicle lighting development in the segment of H7 bulbs provides up to 100,000 km in operating hours of the headlight system. Approved with Type Approval, ECE Certification and StVZO. Visibly better lighting of the roadway for more driving comfort in the dark and high safety standards thanks to the most modern vehicle light with H7 cars The various models provide optimal light characteristics each, both extremely long distance of the light cones and even a triple life are possible. Good exposure to the roadside allows deer, deer and boar to be perceived especially during the brunst time. Thanks to improved formulas for the precious gas filling in the halogen car lamps, the H7 lamp, low beam and fog light have been perfected in high quality. Especially high colour temperatures achieve approximately lighting effects like xenon burners and outstanding light transmission. Depending on the manufacturers and needs, H7 lamps can create super white light that is similar to daylight and let the headlights shine visually in style. Popular in car tuning at a low cost to achieve ingenious eye-catchers. Halogen headlight H7 bulbs are one of the most famous classics among headlight systems, from car to motorcycle to truck. </P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Technical data H7 Osram: ECE: H7 item No. 64210CLC maximum power consumption 58W rated power 55W rated voltage 12V test voltage 13.2V 1500lm base: PX26d Included in delivery 1 x H7 Osram car light 64210CLC included.</P></SPAN></BODY>None5637485176
Osram Automotive Py21W 21W 12V Bau15S Bli2{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151995.png"}]}1519955637485189övriga/15199512/28/2022 2:17:24 PM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>Osram Ultra Life PY21W</P><FONT face=Calibri> <P dir=ltr align=left>With ULTRA LIFE, you choose durable signal lights for your car. They have an impressive lifespan of up to four times that of standard bulbs and last up to 100,000 km (at an average mileage of 14,259 km and with the light on 60% of the time). </SPAN><SPAN lang=SV>They are therefore ideal for drivers who drive frequently.</P></FONT></SPAN></BODY>None5637485189
Boya Mini USB Microphone BY-CM3 black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/BOYA10196.png"}]}BOYA101965637482121 2:16:41 PM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>Boya USB Microphone BY-CM3 black</P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>The BOYA BY-CM3 is a condenser USB microphone to deliver crystal-clear and natural audio. Due to the cardioid polar pattern, the BY-CM3 can capture the sound directly into the mic while rejecting off-axis noise and minimizing room tone effectively. It is ideal for streaming, podcasting, vocals, instrument recording and more.<BR><BR>The BY-CM3 features the combination of 20-20KHz wide frequency response and 24bit/48KHz resolution. It captures more details of your voices and instruments, which makes your recordings to another level.<BR><BR>Users can adjust the gain through the control knob easily, tailoring the output audio signal to their devices. The microphone stand allows 15-degree inclination in all directions, setting the mic at a suitable angle and guaranteeing the best sound pickup effect. With included charging cable, it's quite easy to get started. </SPAN><SPAN lang=SV>Just plug and you're ready to get to work. </P></SPAN></BODY>None5637482121
Boya 2.4G Mini Wireless Microphone black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/BOYA10199.png"}]}BOYA101995637482124 2:15:53 PM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>Boya 2.4G Mini Wireless Microphone black</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Designed for mobile devices, the BOYA BY-M1LV is an incredibly lightweight, ultra-compact, easy-to-use wireless microphone that delivers detailed, exceptional sound.</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>In this series, there are two different receivers. With a MFi Certified Lightning output, the BY-M1LV-D receiver is designed for Apple iOS devices. The BY-M1LV-U receiver has a USB-C output, making it compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices with USB-C ports.</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>With its built-in omnidirectional mic, the clip-on transmitter BY-M1LV-TX captures crystal clear sound from all directions. Utilizing the breakthrough two-way audio technology with ear return monitoring, users can adjust pronunciation at any time during recording and adjust tone, speed, and intonation in real time.</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>With gain control, headphone volume control and mute function, you are completely in control of your sound. A full power charge can provide 6 hours of battery life,so you can create content without worrying about power. The BOYA BY-M1LV system is a great solution for live streaming, content creation, mobile journalism, and more.</P></SPAN></BODY>None5637482124
CAT6 outdoor network cable{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/DEL2020639.png"}]}DEL20206395637370061ätverkskablar/cat6/patch-s-ftp/DEL202063912/22/2022 2:04:23 PM <BODY><P>Goobay networking cable Black 100 m Cat6 S/FTP (S-STP)</P> <P>Cable length: 100 m, <BR>Cable standard: Cat6, <BR>Cable shielding: S/FTP (S-STP)</P></BODY>None5637370061
Goobay Cat6 Installation Cable 4x2xAWG23/1 U/UTP Unshielded, Star) 305{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/95695.png"}]}956955637487440ätverkskablar/cat6/installation-trumma/9569512/22/2022 1:43:41 PM <BODY><P>Goobay Cat6 Installation Cable 4x2xAWG23/1 U/UTP Unshielded, Star) 305m</P> <P>Network Cable, <BR>Length: 305m, <BR>Cat.6, U/UTP, <BR>250MHz, <BR>Grey</P></BODY>None5637487440
Ledvance LED STICK 75W/827 frosted E14 - C / 6 pcs{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151822.png"}]}1518225637497179 1:18:03 PM <BODY><P>Osram LED STAR - LED light bulb - shape: stick - frosted finish - E14 - 9 W (equivalent 75 W) - class E - warm white light - 2700 K<BR></P> <P></P> <P></P></BODY>None5637497179
Zebra DS3678-SR Handheld Scanner - USB - W.Stand{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/DEL3006199.png"}]}DEL30061995637408012äsare/DEL300619912/22/2022 1:05:56 PM <BODY><P>Zebra DS3678-SR - USB Kit - barcode scanner - portable - decoded - Bluetooth 4.0</P> <P>Zebra Handheld bar code reader 1D/2D LED Black, Green</P> <P>Type: Handheld bar code reader, <BR>Scanner type: 1D/2D, <BR>Sensor type: LED. <BR>Connectivity technology: Wired & Wireless, <BR>Standard interfaces: RS-232, USB, Keyboard wedge, <BR>Wireless range: 100 m. <BR>Product colour: Black, Green, <BR>International Protection (IP) code: IP67, <BR>Protection features: Dust resistant, Shock resistant, Water resistant. <BR>Power source type: Battery, <BR>Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), <BR>Battery capacity: 3100 mAh. <BR>Weight: 407 g, <BR>Width: 142 mm, Depth: 76 mm</P></BODY>None5637408012
Ubiquiti Dream Router WiFi 6 router 3 Gbps aggregate throughput rate{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/UBI-UDR.png"}]}UBI-UDR5637488865ätverk-kommunikation/routrar/802-11a-b-g-n/UBI-UDR12/22/2022 12:44:07 PM <BODY><P>Ubiquiti Networks Dream wireless router Gigabit Ethernet Dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) White</P> <P>Four-stream WiFi 6 technology<BR>5 GHz band (4x4 MU-MIMO/OFDMA) with a 2.4 Gbps throughput rate<BR>2.4 GHz band (4x4 MIMO) with a 600 Mbps throughput rate<BR>128 GB of internal storage<BR>(1) GbE RJ45 WAN port<BR>(4) LAN ports, including (2) 802.3af PoE outputs<BR>0.96" LCM color screen for network and connection monitoring<BR>Micro SD memory card expansion slot</P></BODY>None5637488865
UAG iPhone 13 Outback, biodegradable, Black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/3701260.png"}]}37012605637486769 12:03:08 PM <BODY><P>Urban Armor Gear Bio mobile phone case 15.5 cm (6.1") Cover Black</P> <P>Case type: Cover, <BR>Brand compatibility: Apple, <BR>Maximum screen size: 15.5 cm (6.1"), <BR>Surface coloration: Monochromatic, <BR>Product colour: Black</P></BODY>None5637486769
UAG iPad Air 10.9" 4/5 gen/Pro 3rd gen, U Lucent,Black{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/6510064.png"}]}65100645637488168 11:20:49 AM <BODY><P>UAG tablet case 27.9 cm (11") Folio Black, Translucent</P> <P>Case type: Folio, <BR>Brand compatibility: Apple, <BR>Compatibility: iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen, 2018), <BR>Maximum screen size: 27.9 cm (11")</P></BODY>None5637488168
UAG Samsung Galaxy S21 Plasma Case, Ice{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/3700196.png"}]}37001965637497853 10:06:02 AM <BODY><P>Urban Armor Gear Plasma series mobile phone case 15.8 cm (6.2") Cover Transparent</P> <P>Case type: Cover, Brand compatibility: Samsung, <BR>Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, <BR>Maximum screen size: 15.8 cm (6.2"), <BR>Surface coloration: Monochromatic, <BR>Product colour: Transparent</P></BODY>None5637497853
Brennenstuhl estilo corner socket strip with USB charging function W{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/1153590420.png"}]}11535904205637485239 9:52:12 AM <BODY><P>Brennenstuhl power extension 2 m 4 AC outlet(s) Indoor Silver, White </P> <P>Cable length: 2 m, <BR>AC outlets quantity: 4 AC outlet(s), <BR>Placement supported: Indoor. <BR>Width: 100 mm, Depth: 70 mm, Height: 300 mm<BR></P></BODY>None5637485239
Delock Active USB Type-C™ to HDMI Cable (DP Alt Mode) 4K 60 Hz 5 m{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/85972.png"}]}859725637485160 9:21:14 AM <BODY><P>DeLOCK video cable adapter 5 m USB Type-C HDMI Black</P> <P>Cable length: 5 m, <BR>Connector 1: USB Type-C, <BR>Connector 2: HDMI. <BR>Cable diameter: 4.7 mm. <BR>Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s), <BR>Package type: Polybag</P></BODY>None5637485160
Osram Automotive H4 Night Breaker Laser 60/55W 12V P43T Hcb2Box{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151986.png"}]}1519865637485180övriga/15198612/22/2022 8:58:19 AM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER, H4, +150% Higher Brightness, Halogen Headlight Lamp, 12V, 3900K, 2-Pack</P><FONT face=Calibri> <P>Strong halogen lamp for high demands<BR>Thanks to an innovative laser ablation technology, NIGHT BREAKER LASER halogen headlight bulbs glow up to 150% stronger compared to the smallest legal standards. A custom filament ensures an extra strong light flux. Therefore, the light beam is up to 150 m long and up to 20% whiter compared to the minimum legal standard. More bright and improved visibility helps drivers detect and react to traffic hazards. Last but not least: OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER impresses with its unique design (laser engraved product name) as well as a complete range (H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4).</P></FONT></SPAN></BODY>None5637485180
UAG iPad Air 10.9" 4/5 gen/Pro 3rd gen, U Lucent,Cerul{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/6510065.png"}]}65100655637488169äskor-fodral-stöd/651006512/22/2022 8:57:47 AM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>UAG Lucent Series Ipad AIR 10.9" (5<SUP>TH</SUP> Gen 2022) Case</P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>You won’t have to choose between style and protection with Lucent iPad case. A modern and sophisticated translucent body with contrasting dot pattern folio cover/stand protects your device from any unexpected drops. Essential for working from home, the office, or on the go. Progressive microdot design gives effortless flair to this classic style.</P><FONT size=3 face=Calibri><FONT size=3 face=Calibri> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>DESIGN WITH INTENT</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Modern, sophisticated protection at your fingertips. Fun and strong is our Lucent series. Keep pushing your limits and venture more with a case that you can truly depend on. Bumps or drops don't phase us.</P></FONT></FONT></SPAN></BODY>None5637488169
Osram Automotive H7 Night Breaker Laser 55W 12V Px26D Hcb2Box{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/151985.png"}]}1519855637485179övriga/15198512/22/2022 8:57:15 AM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7, next generation, +150% more brightness, halogen headlamp, 12V, 2-Pack</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Discover the next generation of NIGHT BREAKER LASER - OSRAM's brightest vehicle halogen bulb! Thanks to an innovative laser ablation technology, these headlamp bulbs glow up to 150% stronger than the minimum legal standard. A specially manufactured filament ensures an extra strong light flux. Therefore, the light line is up to 150 m in length and up to 20% whiter compared to the minimum legal standard. More bright and improved vision help drivers to detect and respond to traffic hazards. Last but not least; OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER convinces with its unique design, laser-etched product name as well as a complete range (H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4). The perfect light for drivers who realize what difference powerful car lights can do!</P></SPAN></BODY>None5637485179
2.4G Wireless Microphone with Charging Box 1+2{"Items":[{"AltText":"","Url":"Products\/BOYA10206.png"}]}BOYA102065637488105 8:56:43 AM <BODY><SPAN lang=EN> <P dir=ltr align=left>BOYA 2.4G Wireless Microphone with Charging Box 1+2</P> <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P>The BOYA BY-XM6-K2, a 2.4GHz adaptive frequency hopping wireless microphone system, consists of two transmitter, one receiver, as well as a charging case. It’s a perfect sound capturing, meanwhile delivering solution for two-person vlog, YouTube video, live streaming, interview, recording, etc.<BR><BR>Advanced Technology for Stable Signal Transmission<BR>The BY-XM6 K2 adopts advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) wireless signal transmission technology, which can make the microphone avoid the disturbed hop frequency parts automatically to realize stable signal transmission in the range of up to 100m (328ft), without obstacle.<BR><BR>Professional Audio Capturing & Delivering<BR>Featuring a high-quality capsule, signal processing circuit with a signal-to-noise over 84dB as well as a distortion rate less than 0.1%, the microphone captures meanwhile delivers high-quality , clear & low-noise audio.<BR><BR>Ultra-versatile & Ease-to-use Wireless Microphone Kit<BR>With vivid & easy-to-read OLED display on transmitters and receiver, users can adjust the signal transmission precisely. Moreover the transmitter is also designed with a built-in omnidirectional microphone, so users can clip the transmitter on the collar to pick up sounds, while they can also plug a lavalier microphone into transmitter’s MIC IN jack for sound capturing. Plus, this microphone kit is equipped with both 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable as well as a 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable. So it can work well with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, smartphone or computer etc.<BR><BR>The BY-XM6 K2 comes equipped with a portable yet powerful charging case, which makes it can be easily carried outdoors. With the built-in powerful battery, the charging case enables both the receiver & transmitters to be fully charged at the same time, without any cable required. Furthermore, The power indicator on the charging case allows the battery capacity as well as charging status can be easily checked.</P></SPAN></BODY>None5637488105