Environmental Policy

Companies within DistIT strives to carry their business with as little as possible strain on the environment. Both as a company and as individuals we all have a great responsibility for the environment. Therefore we constantly work to enhance our routines within environment and quality.

We will therefore enhance the knowledge and raise the consciousness concerning environmental issues amongst all employees.

Influence, demand and to co operate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations.

See environmental improvement measures as investments.

Constantly strive to enhance the usage of our resources within the company.

Environmental organization From 2008 the environmental questions is driven by an environmental manager, Mehrdad Mohtazedi. Through this manager the co operation and integration in the business and with all our suppliers is even more improved. Our environmental work involves projects and activities with connection to all activities within the different companies. In order to achieve harmonization and standardization of our quality work in the long term, integration is in progress in our business development.

Action Plan We have drawn up an action plan based on our goal. The action plan includes the following:

• Recycling of our waste We recycle our waste and leave papers for recycling.

• Energy saving measurements A set goal to increase the usage of computers and adequate software to reduce the usage of paper for spreading information to staff, customers and suppliers. The company uses energy efficient LED-lights in the luminaries where this is possible.

• Environmental adjusted purchases A set goal is to always be mindful of environmental aspects when buying products that is used within the business, everything from vehicle and fuels to copy papers and pens. This has led to a shift towards more environmentally adapted products. Compliance with the requirements is a must and discussed at staff meetings.

• Environmental requirements on our products and services The products and services we market will be manufactured from materials that can be recycled or made of recycled materials where this is possible. A goal for the company is to remove products from the business that is not manufactured in an environmental friendly way or that contains hazardous materials.

We are connected to REPA which is the business solution for production responsibility for packages of plastic, metal, paper/carton and corrugated paper. REPA's task is to offer all companies access to the nation wide reacycling system for packages. By connecting to REPA we fulfill the demands set on us in the packaging resolution (SFS 2006:1273). The Reparegistret AB was a previously a fully owned affiliate to packaging and newspaper collection (FTI). Through the fusion on April 1 2003 the affiliate disbanded and the producing companies that was connected to REPA was then connected and customers of FTI.

We are also members of El-kretsen which is service company for companies and has the task of maintaining production responsibility within electrical and electronic products and batteries. Legislations that regulates production responsibility and thus is the foundation for the El-kretsens business is SFS 2005:209, 2005:210, 2008:384. The authority for these matters and responsible for ensuring compliance in these legislations is Naturvårdsverket.

The company is also certified from El-kretsen. The certificate guarantees all employees and customers that the company products are recycled correctly in a way that shows our commitment that we do what we can to save on the earth's resources.

• Environmental demands One for the companies environmental goals is to influence our main suppliers to always consider environmental aspects in its production and operations.

• Usage of best possible fuels and decreased fuel consumption One of the environmental goals that was set for the business provides the best possible fuel and demands actions to decrease fuel consumption.

• Environmental information to employees, customers and suppliers All employees within the business should have knowledge about the company environmental goal. This is regularly followed by staff meetings once a month where also new information is given. By oral and written communication our customers is informed regularly about our environmental work. We have frequent discussions with our suppliers on improvement measures regarding these issues.

At DistIT the quality doesn't just mean that our products should match or surpass the customer expectations. It also means that the manufacturing should be done under good conditions and that our customers should be pleased with us as a company. To take responsibility for how people and the environment is affected by our business is also an important basis for all our subsidiaries to grow with an improved profit.